The “FOMO” Syndrome

There are 10 mass media theories that I have just recently learned about and I want to take the time to talk about of those theories and how it pertains to social media. The “FOMO” syndrome. This syndrome explains why people get extremely anxious when they are not online. It explains why students can sit through an hour and fifteen minute class without checking their phone. In today’s societies we have become so consumed with knowing information as it happens, so when we are forced to step away from social media we become anxious, almost like a smoker who needs their next nicotine fix. This theory explains why we have all become so crazy about our smart phones, tablets, computers and much more. This theory pertains to more than just college students. I have witnessed my parents freaking out about the inability to connect to wifi because they needed to check their Facebook,  and I have witnesses younger generations who were born into this technology economy, they are the worst. Social media is like second nature to them, being able to connect is a necessity not a luxury.

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