The Facebook studio awards is an oppurtunity for Facebook to celebrate the most creative and innovative businesses, agencies or brands that are helping businesses to connect. Facebook writes that there are guidelines a business must meet, first they must have,  “Craft & Execution: Was there a focus on high quality visuals, aesthetics and copywriting? Did your creative add to people’s experience in News Feed? Did the work exemplify the brand voice and was it relevant for the audience? Scale & Targeting: Did you reach all of the people who matter to you? Did you reach them where they spend the most time—in News Feed and on mobile? Did you use Facebook marketing products to extend the reach of your message? Business Results: What metrics did you establish for your campaign? How did your Facebook campaign drive the overall business goals and ROI for the client?”. After a businesses work is submitted, a jury, made up of the Facebook Creative Council, will judge the campaigns and award winners different ribbons.

The entry that I liked the most and thought was interesting, well thought, relevant and creative was the “Oreo Daily Twist” by Mondelez International. They found a way for the Oreo brand to be relevant on a dialy basis in the consumer mind. They found ways to connect Oreo to current events, celebrity happenings and for a comic relief. Their video was very catchy, informative and fun. Compared to all of the other entries I think Oreo blew it out of the park. The other videos did not seem as interesting, in fact, I couldn’t watch the entire video for most of the campaigns. Click the link below and tell me what you think!!

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