Gezellig Brands

Fast Brand- GoPro is a perfect example of a fast brand. This company prides itself on their product being small but well equipped to catch every action sport or activity in a small, fast and convenient way. GoPro often pairs with Red Bull to create campaigns and advertisements. Their goals are for their consumers to have the most fun they possibly can with their camera. It can go underwater and is very durable. They post on their website and social media accounts daily about new stories and pictures of people having fun while recording. For example, there are videos posted of mountain bikers, snowboarders, kayaking, surfing and so much more.

Strong Brand- Coco-cola is a very strong brand. It is the brand of all brands. The company has been around for the longest time and markets itself towards everyone. When people think of soft drinks the first drink that comes to mind is Coca-cola. Coca-cola is known for all of its advertisements, especially their holiday campaigns. They bring their old styled bottles and it reminds people, especially people over 40, of their childhood and a piece of home. Coca-cola uses its social media accounts to talk about social happenings, for instance they recently tweeted about the death of Nelson Mandela. They reach out to users, promote their campaigns, they promote shows especially music tours.

Strong Brand- I think that L.L. Bean is a perfect example of a strong brand. L.L. Bean is one of the only companies that still have an open return policy. Their consumers rely on the fact that if they purchase an L.L. Bean product and over the years that product falls apart due to wear and tear they will be able to return it no matter what happened. They want to show the consumer they are always there for them and they serve the people. Their social media accounts L.L. Bean has are used to connect with consumers and reach out. They ask questions to consumers to promote conversations with users. They post production content and information.

Social Brand- I think that The Kardashians are a very strong brand. They have spent years documenting their lives, their fans believe that they know everything about them and they are apart of them. The Kardashians use social media more then anyone brand I have ever seen. They post content everyday about their lives. They invite users to ask them questions, they like users tweets and instagrams. They use keek to show small videos of what they are doing and ask people to keek them. Viewers and fans often feel like they actually know the Kardashians and they their opinion matters. They are so predictable fans feel comfortable knowing what they will get from the Kardashians. You have your options to buy their perfumes, makeup, clothing, to go to their stores, talk to them via social media and so much more. I feel like while this is not your typical social brand I believe it is very effective.

Smart Brand- MAC, is a makeup company that is all about having the best products, getting the most beautiful consumers and promoting being cool, trendy and the best. This brand is so concentrated on allowing people to feel their best and look great. This makeup brand is the mother of makeup brands. Everyone from celebrities to poor people spend their money on these cosmetics because they work the best. They use their social media to post pictures of new products, makeup techniques, videos of how to’s so that consumers are up to date on all the latest trends. They use celebrities to endorse their products and they are always ahead of the makeup game. MAC positions themselves as if there is no other choice. People who really cannot afford MAC products do their best to find dupes online. The amount of content on the web about MAC products is insane.

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