My First Time using Social Media

I remember the first time I ever came into contact with Facebook or any social media account, I was in Boston, Ma visiting my friend Sara when I was in 10th grade. My friend Sara had an older brother who was in college and he had a Facebook. He showed us his Facebook and we were in awe! Between the pictures, the statuses, connecting with friends and even the relationship status I was in shock. I thought it was the coolest thing since life spread and I wanted one! When we found out that Facebook was only available to college students we were completely disappointed but we moved on. Almost two years later I found out that Facebook was available to high school students and me and all my friends immediately created a Facebook account.I fell in love with the social media platform. It was so easy to connect to my friends and even keep track of memories through the most efficient photo syncing system I had ever used. After that I became addicted to keeping up with everything that had to do with social media, which might explain why my phone is filled with the newest and best social media apps.

Other than Facebook though, I was not privy to any other social media apps. I thought that Myspace was weird, I had never heard if Friendster until this year, and same goes for The Harvard Connection, which would make sense since I didn’t go there:).  

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