Where are you on the Social Ladder?

There are a few different types of people when it comes to social media and how it is used. First there are Creators, these are the people who are constantly on social media platforms, blogging, tweeting, uploading content, videos and music for others to consume. Next there is the Conversationlist, this person often updates their status on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter often, and engage in conversations with others. Next up is the Critic. The Critic is someone who comments on articles, participates in forums and pays attention to the news and gives their opinion. Then we all have the friend who is constantly uplaoding photos, tagging you in pictures and organizing content on social media platforms, this person is considered the Collector.Those of you who join social media networks and check them often but that is about it are called Joiners. Then there are the Spectators who just read what other people are doing, follow blogs, read tweets but hardly ever contribute to the conversation and lastly there are the Inactives, the people who do not participate in social media at all, now thats just boring!!

I would have to say that I am a Conversationalist. I like to read blogs, tweets, and content on facebook and share my thoughts with others. I enjoy striking up conversations about topics that interest me and I enjoy learning new things from others!!!

Where are you on the Social Media Ladder?

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