Good and Bad Examples of Social Media

This is an example of a bad twitter account, this account belongs to Lamar Odom, basketball player and tv personality, married to Khloe Kardashian. His account is not updated often, he neglects the customization of his page and in turn makes him irrelevant.

This is an example of a good twitter page. Kristin Cavelleri. She is a TV personality and deisgner. She is a celebrity that brands herself through her twitter, sharing fashion advice and styles and her life. This kind of account makes you feel in tune with her life.

This is an example of a good facebook account. This is WFSB facebook page. They are very active, constantly updating their information with stories, videos and pictures.

This is an example of a bad facebook page. This is for the Warner Theater in Torrington. There is not enough account activity. Not enough people like the page, not enough pictures or people talking about it.

Good youtube page. Lots of followers already after being posted only yesterday! This movie is hyping a festival, getting awareness and showing what exactly it’s all about.

Bad youtube page. Clearly this page is boring and didn’t really get as many viewers as it wanted. This page was trying to be funny, but was just boring!! Very few viewers for how many years it has been up.

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